The Sweet Rebel





"Hello stranger, this is Lara"

Lara is a teenager. She’s a rebellious, extroverted, quite beautiful girl. She loves to wander the city center at night, and sometimes draw graffiti upon stonewalls or even subway cars. She likes to dye her hair, as well, and when the evening comes, nothing’s more appealing to her than a good hamburger, under a starry sky, to be eaten alone on her home’s rooftop. Lara is an only child. Both her parents are strict, and make her feel misunderstood, out of place. Lara has a strong character, yet she’s very good-willed. She helps others and always finds a way to encourage people. She likes to be independent, has very few friends, and all of them are almost as “alternative” as she is. She’s not quite sure about who or what she’ll become.

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