The Naughty Bot





"Let’s light it up!"

Sparky is a curious and funny bot. He was created by Doc. Lumen inside the Lumix Factory, the n. 1 hotbed for androids and toys in town. Sparky is strong-willed and very very naughty. He loves to mock his opponents, both with words and through “electrifying” activities. Anyway, truth is that Sparky’s merriness is a shield for an insecure character. In fact, since he was abandoned - for a much more advanced 2.0 version of himself - he craves attention and approval from people. He is fast, agile, shifty. Yet, from time to time, he might lose a bit of control, his head spinning around, his feet moving wildly. Even tough defeated, Sparky won’t give up. He’ll go on challenging opponents until he wins, or up to when they can’t stand him anymore.

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